Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rhymes of History Technology

According to Dr. Thornburg Rhymes of History rekindles a memory from the past that has inspired the innovation of a new technology. For me the Mimio rekindles from the past the need to project images visually in a whole group setting. Just 16 years ago when I started teaching I was using chalk to write on a blackboard. I can recall using different colored chalks to differentiate the information that I wanted to display. Today blackboards are almost a distant memory and are replaced by dry erase boards with interactive components. The Mimio is one component that transforms the dry erase board into an interactive whiteboard. The dry erase boards that have a Mimio connection has the capability to project images from the internet. Kevin Kelly said it best “we have to get better in believing in the impossible” because we do not know what that next innovation of smartboards or Mimios will have the capabilities of doing.
Kelly, K. (2007, December). Kevin Kelly on the next 5,000 days of the Web [Speech]. Speech delivered at the EG 2007 Conference, Los Angeles. Retrieved from
Laureate Education, Inc. (2009). Rhymes of history. Baltimore, MD: Author.


  1. Hi Cora,

    Do you have a Mimio in your classroom? I was wondering have you noticed your students to be more actively engaged in your lessons? I use the Mimio for educational games with my students. They seem to enjoy it. I liked how you referenced the chalkboard. It is obviously that the Mimio enhances the chalkboard.

    1. Hi Charee,

      Yes, I do have a Mimio in my classroom, and my students are more engaged in the learning process. I am new to using the Mimio so can you please share the kinds of games you play with your students?

  2. Hello Cora,

    Ah, the blackboard. When you wrote on it you came back with chalk all over your hands. If someone was really cruel they scrapped their nails on the board making a noise that would bring you to your knees. The Mimio is a great replacement for this.

    1. Hi Kristy,

      Fond memories of the blackboard!

  3. Cora,
    I actually dislike using the blackboard in my classroom. I was so glad that it was replaced with a whiteboard so I could use the dry erase markers. There are several Mimios in the school, but every teacher does not have one in their classroom. It is a new device for me, and I have tried to use it with my students. They appeared to enjoy using it, so I will definitely find more create ways to use it within my lessons, activities, and projects. Shannon~