Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Module 1: Identify an Emerged Technology

Smart Classroom

A current technology that has emerged in the last few years that has enhanced learning in the educational arena would be the document camera. A problem that has been associated with this technology is the constant connecting and reconnecting that takes place when you switch from the video mode to the computer mode. The connectors that screw into the back of the camera are also a problem due to the fact that the screws continue coming out the sockets as you disconnect the video cable from the camera.
Purchasing a document camera for every classroom can be costly; however, using the document camera minimizes the amount of paper copies which in returns helps with recycling. There are also several benefits to using a document camera. The auto focus comes in handy when adjusting the size of the image that is being displayed. The directional light is also a great asset because it helps illuminate images in a dark setting. The controls and major functions of the camera are located on the base of the camera which makes it easy to adjust and operate. To make this technology even better would be to eliminate the cords that connect the camera to the computer and replace them with a wireless connection.


  1. Cora,
    Have you seen some of the new document cameras? They are making them smaller and more portable plus they are wireless. I know a teacher that set hers beside the eggs her students were waiting to hatch into chickens. She videoed their birth using the camera and had it posted on her teacher website for all to see.


    1. Hi Jacquie,

      The document cameras that were purchased for our district are a lot smaller than the image I imported. I did not know about the wireless document cameras. I will have to check into that. Thanks

  2. Hello Cora,

    Document cameras are one of the technologies we did not have the fortune of using. The cost was a factor in keeping these from being used. Many times I do not think studies are done to see how much money would be saved in paper and copier use.

  3. Hi Cora,

    I have a document camera that I use but not as often as I should because of the connecting and reconnecting issue. It is a welcome change from the overhead projector because it so compact and doesn't involve using transparencies.

  4. Hi Cora,
    I have not had an opportunity to utilize a document camera due to my school district's strict budget. I am hoping that our Exceptional Needs Department will have a chance to purchase one of these devices and well as a few others. My inclusion students could definitely benefit from using a document camera to record their presentations in their learning environment. This device could be used to help them improve their oral presentations and self-confidence when demonstrating what they have learned within the classroom. Thanks for sharing the information on this device. Shannon~

  5. Hi Cora,
    Some schools in my district have recently purchased document cameras; Elmos and Ladibugs. I have a ladibug and I love it. It has wireless capabilities which is great when I like to show student work samples during a lesson. There are still some functions that I'm not familiar with, but overall, its a great benefit to the classroom. ~Leandra